Lovely Layed Wig Warranty

Lovely Layed Wig Warranty

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Our Wig Warranty

We’re allowing our pervious customer to purchase their wig warranty this WEEK ONLY!

So if you’ve purchase a wig from us in the last year you qualify!

Wig Warranty must be purchased with the purchases of your unit.

Do you have holes in your unit, or do your lace just in need to be replaced?

Lovely Layed Wig Shop now offers a wig warranty to program that allows you to receive brand new closure or frontal replacement while even including the pluck, tint, and styling of your wig.

Purchasing the warranty not only helps you save up to $200 , your getting an almost brand-new wig for as little as $99

How it work:

After making your purchase , your warranty is in good standing for a year from the date of your purchase. Documentation will be sent out to your regarding your warranty and will need to be saved and shown with service.

Unit has to be shipped in or brought into our locations to start the recovery process. 

A email will be sent to you after your purchase to collect all the details of your order.  Fees may apply depending on your desires. 


What's included:

- Your 4x4 Closure or 13x4 Frontal 

- Detachment of the Lace 

- Reattachment of the Lace 

- Pluck 

- Tint 

- Style